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Hey there! I’m Jen and I started this blog in 2009 with damaged, fragile, shoulder length hair as a sort of journal to chronicle my ups and downs of learning how to care for my relaxed hair on my own. I was sure that left to my devises, my hair would fall out. It took some time (and many mistakes) but the journey to healthy waist-length relaxed hair was a worthwhile ride. Low manipulation styles, minimal use of direct heat, stretching my relaxers, and maintaining my hair’s protein/moisture balance helped me reached my hair goals.

I last self-relaxed my hair on June 28, 2013 and after stretching my relaxer for 6 months, I decided to transition to natural to help cheer my mom on her own natural hair journey. I transitioned for 21 months & 1 week, snipping off the my remaining relaxed ends in April 2015. Starting over and learning to care for my natural hair after having relaxed hair for 20 years has was a bumpy journey but worth every moment. Not all the products and style I grew to love and rely on when I had relaxed hair work for my natural hair, but finding staples and trying out new styles is just part of the journey. I loved my relaxed hair but learning to embrace my natural texture and the comfort and freedom I’ve found in my kinks and coils has made going natural worthwhile. On February 6, 2020 I started my loc journey and I’m am so excited to be starting on this new journey.

Over the years JGA has evolved from my online journal to a little slice of the web for sharing tips, techniques, healthy hair conversation and inspiration from so many readers. Pop into JGA and join the journey 🙂