Hello Month 5 & Retwist No. 5

I’m still in awe that I’m actually locing my hair, never mind that it’s already been 5 months since my little starter locs were installed. This new loc journey is by far the easiest one yet when compared to learning to care for my relaxed hair and then my natural hair, but it is testing my patience in ways my relaxed hair journey and natural hair journey did not. This time around, the struggling isn’t doubting whether I can do it, or trying to find a whole lineup of products or styles, it’s simply having the patience to watch my hair go through the process and mature. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely loving seeing my hair change right before my eyes but my impatient streak runs a mile deep. There are so many days where I just want to tell my hair to just hurry up and just grow already. Pun intended all the way!

Over the last 2 months, I’ve really started to see the changes in my hair. The once clearly defined pattern of my two strands twists is less apparent, my locs are much denser and solid with budding on every single one, my locs have definitely thickened, and the frizz that seemed to take over my hair has calmed down. I no longer feel like a walking chia pet!

My regimen continues to be incredibly simple: moisturize with just water/rosewater, shampoo every 4-5 weeks and use dry shampoo beginning around week 2 or 3, and retwisting my hair when it’s shampooed. That’s it! The simplicity that comes with having locs has been THEE best part of this new journey. I grew to absolutely dread my wash days when I was a loose natural hair lady. I hated detangling, I hated deep conditioning, I hated waiting for my twists to dry, I hated dealing with single strand knots. I loved my hair of course but I just hated all the extra time I had to spend on it. “Doing” my hair wasn’t fun anymore and it just weighed me down. But NOW? It’s a breeze and I’m happy again. I’m more confident and comfortable in my skin. It’s as though this new journey has seeped into part of myself that I wasn’t expecting and it feels amazing. Watching my hair transform has been amazing. It just reaffirms how magical our hair, our texture, our kinks, coils, and coils ARE! I can’t wait to see how my hair continues to change over next 6-7 months.

Retwist No. 5

Maryland has been slowly re-opening, so I was able to schedule an appointment with my loctician who started my locs (and also did my first retwist) – Lauren, owner of Meraki Natural Hair. Her COVID precautionary measures to protect both herself and her clients from exposure are truly the only reasons why I felt comfortable making an appointment. I’m asthmatic and in the “high risk” category so I’ve trying to stay out of “gen pop” as much as possible, whenever, wherever possible. Lauren washed my hair, gave me an amazing herbal rinse to moisturize my little locs, and retwisted my hair in record time. When I do it, in my bathroom mirror for hours, heavy sighing with aching arms and lactic acid build up in my biceps. When Lauren does my hair, she works her magic in 2 hours (time for washing included).

Is it me, or are my little starter two strand twist looking like baby locs? Even if you don’t agree, I’m claiming it! 🙂

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