Retwist No. 3

I was trying to hold out until I’d hit week 5 at least to retwist my hair, but my hair had other ideas. My hair has been growing like a weed and started matting at the roots. I was completely over having to finger-combing my roots to keep my hair from matting so I decided to wash and retwist at week 3.

01. Pre-Cleanse & Shampoo

I started off my wash day by spraying my hair with Dr. Locs Pre-Cleanse for a deeper clean to get rid of any buildup. I’ve been pretty good at not overloading my hair with a ton of product and take care to use light, all natural products but it’s important to note that product build-up isn’t the only type of buildup: environment, debris, lint, and biological buildup are 4 other types of buildup the can occur in locs. CurlyNuGrowth has a great post and video breaking down the 5 types of buildup in locs. Check it out!

After spraying my hair with Pre-Cleanse, I let it sit for a few minutes and massaged it into my scalp and roots. What little buildup I did have, was pulled to the surface. Whoop! I followed up the Pre-Cleanse by shampooing with Dr. Locs Yasin Shampoo

02. Moisturize and Retwist

With my hair refresh and clean, I used a microfiber towel to soak up excess water and sprayed my hair with my moisturizing mist (rosewater, aloe vera juice, essential oils, and vitamin E oil) before settling down to tackle my retwist. I used smaller, 1.75″ single prong clips this time around and it made the process whole less stressful. The smaller clips were much easier to place than the 3 inch duckbill clips I used the last time. For hold, I used Obey The Hold Loc Gel. As my first loc gel, I can’t wax eloquently about how it compares to other loc gels, but I can say that a little goes a long way, it provides a nice amount of hold, and rinses easily with water (told you, I’m all about avoiding product buildup).

I’m still getting the hang of retwisting my hair, so it’s still taking me an eternity. By the time I was done, I was too tired to sit there and dry my hair so I made the executive decision to sleep with my clips in.Never again. It wasn’t horrible, because the clips were so small, my scalp was definitely sore the next morning.

After taking out the clips – I used one per locs so there were a ton – I massaged my poor tender scalp and then did all the happy dances.

03. Take down and happy dances

Do you see my roots! The neat retwist! And my hair feels like it’s hitting my shoulders juuuusst a little lower so lets toast to growth as well! I’m just over the moon. I plan to hold off on retwisting my hair again for another 4-5 weeks, longer if I can.

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