3 Months Into My Loc Journey

3 Months Into My Loc Journey

Can you believe it’s been 3 months, THREE, since I had my started locs put in on Feb. 6th?! THREE! I may be the only one flabbergasted by this but y’all have to understand that I’ve thought about locing my hair for years, and then 3 months just up and flies by! I totally missed capturing my 2-month mark and kinda-sorta captured my1 month “starterlocaversary” on Instagram. I was painfully aware of the days and weeks right after I had my starter locs installed, and then the days blurred together and 3 months snuck up and swept by. To be fair, since working from home since the beginning of March and only venturing outside to go to market per Maryland’s stay-at-home order, my days pretty much blur together.

The biggest changes in my hair have been shrinkage and frizz and neither have really bothered me. I used to be that girl that always had every strand in place, and then I learned how to stretch my relaxers, then transitioned to natural for 2 years, learning at every stage to just not care if my hair was frizzy or edges fuzzy. Hair just doesn’t have to be “polished” all the time and locking my hair has just reinforced that for me.

There’s just been a sense of freedom in just letting my hair be, letting it do it’s own thing. I do have fleeting moments where I’ll look at old pictures and miss my fluffy twist outs or my big high puff, but then I remember how much I’d grown to dislike “doing” my hair and wash days and I snap right back to my current reality. These last 3 months have been nothing short of liberating and excited. Little buds are forming, the two strand twist pattern is less defined (in some areas more than others), and my twists are thicker and denser. My little starter locs have been just thriving and I feel like a proud mama LOL.

I haven’t deep conditioned my hair since the day before my starter locs were put in. This is THEE longest I’ve ever gone without deep conditioning my hair since before I started my hair journey way back in 2009. At first I was terrified my hair would dry up like an old sponge left out in the sun, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I’ve taken care to keep my moisturized by treating it to steam every time I shower – i don’t bother with a shower cap anymore – and spraying it almost daily with either rosewater, or my DIY moisturizing mist. I recently revamped it to add aloe vera juice and it’s been working wonders for my hair – I’ll post a video soon. Massaging my scalp with my ayurvedic herb infused oil a few times a week is the only thing I do on a daily basis. Gotta love the simplicity!

Here’s my hair at a day shy of the 3 month mark after my third retwist:

Can’t wait to see how my hair has changed when I get to month 4!

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