First Self-Retwist

“Mama I made it!”

That’s how I felt after removing all the pins from my hair and seeing that I didn’t jack my little baby locs up. Disaster. Averted! Here’s a recap of the momentous occasion.

I started off by shampooing with Dr. Locs Yasin Shampoo. Even after lathering my hair 3 times, this shampoo delivered clean hair without stripping or drying out my hair.

After shampooing, I soaked up the excess water with a towel while giving myself a quick facial and started summoning the courage to attempt a full (i.e. my whole head) retwist.

The week before I retwisted just the perimeter of hair, but I sweat from my scalp a lot so my edges and the front of my hair had already frizzed up a lot. I used Dr. Locs Imani Locking Spray and I loved how light weight it is while still providing hold. I think I’m going to reserve it for my partial retwists when I just want to cleanse my scalp and tame the very front of my hair.

For this full retwist I purchase a locking gel for more hold – Obey The Hold Loc Gel. I started in the back and secured my hair with duckbill clips.

Clip placement was thee hardest part about doing my own retwist. I’m excited I powered through and got it done, but man, adjusting the clips repeatedly and finding little spots to sneak a new clip in was annoying. I plan on getting smaller clips for my next retwist because my skill level is just not ready for the duckbill clips yet. I’ll definitely keep trying because I’m determined to master my retwists.

Once I’d successfully set the last clip, I used a handheld blow dryer to dry my hair and once it felt dry to the touch, I left the clips in for about another hour. Better safe than sorry, right?

The Obey the Hold Loc Gel dried clear while providing lots of hold. I was worried my hair would feel crunchy but it was still soft. This loc gel is definitely a keeper. From the reviews and videos I’ve watched on it, it also rinses out easily to avoid buildup so I’m looking forward to experiencing that my next wash day.

I was over. thee. moon and past Mars when I took the clips out. I stood in our bathroom grinning ear to ear while my husband laughed at my antics and happy dances. Accomplishing something new is a great feeling and is so empowering. I have no idea when our state will recover, lift the stay home order, and reopen business so I’m doubly happy to be able to care for my hair at home while on this new journey.

How are you caring for your hair during the quarantine? Stay safe (and sane)!

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