5 Things I Haven’t Missed Since Locing My Hair

01. Long wash days

When deciding whether or not to go through with my decision to loc my hair, thinking about how much shorter my wash days would become was definitely one of the factors that pushed me towards committing to the idea. My wash days weren’t marathons but they were longer than what I’d like.

Old wash day: pre-poo, shampoo, condition + detangle with conditioner in my hair while in the shower, then leave-ins and usually a twist out.

New wash day: shampoo, quick conditioner (if at loctitian), then retwist. Done. Doesn’t that sound wonderful!

02. detangling!

I could’ve probably listed detangling under #1 but it fully deserves it’s own slot. Not one ounce of me will miss detangling my hair. Not an ounce. My hair didn’t take an eternity to detangle but it felt like it did to me!

03. “DOING” My Hair

I love being able to get up and go, without having to factor in how much time it’s going to take me to style my mass of fluff. I love the simplicity in misting my hair, shaking it out, and walking out the door… well, pre-quarantine. Nowadays, it’s more like misting my hair, giving a shake, and going downstairs to longingly looking outside.

04. Having to Stretch or straighten my hair just to see some length

I rarely straightened my loose natural hair. It took too much time and each time I did it, I was paranoid I was going to heat damage my hair. I was an inch away from being back to waist length when I started locing my hair so even though my hair now isn’t nearly as long as it is when straightened, I am still able to enjoy length without effort.

05. A massive product stash

I’m pretty sure my husband is happier about my much smaller product stash than I am haha. I’ve been gravitating towards a more minimalist approach to items I buy and I try to buy with more purpose now, so reducing my product stash to about 5 products right now feels great.

I’m sure as my little starter loc twists develop and mature, I’ll have moments where I miss certain things but for now I’m head over heals with my locs!

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