Organizing my Ayurvedic Herbs

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Organizing my Ayurvedic Herbs

I’ve been incorporating Ayurvedic herbs into my hair care practices over the last few months (with great results, I’ve been hoarding updates) and have amassed a pile of Ayurvedic herbs in a box in my pantry. I was over of going back and forth to that box each time I mixed up a batch of cassia, henna, or my bhringraj infused oil, which might be the best thing I’ve done for my hair all year.

I’d been brainstorming different methods of storing and organizing my herbs when my inspiration lightbulb blinked on while at IKEA last weekend. Joe and I’s approach to shopping at IKEA is completely different. While he likes have a clear plan and get in an out as quick as possible, I always want to walk about and browse just in case I spot something that the universe thinks I was meant to bring home… like the Korken jars! I was browsing as usual, with Joe trying to keep me from stepping off the yellow brick road, when I spotted the food storage section. I made a beeline for the shelves and spotted the jars below.

IKEA Korken glass jars

I purchased four 17 oz jars ($2.99 each) and one 34 oz jar ($3.99).

I really should’ve skipped the small sized jar; I underestimated how many packets of herbs I really had so I wasn’t able to fully clear out my “herb box.” I was able to organize my hibiscus, aloe vera, cassia obovata, Moroccan henna, and bhringraj powders.

I’ll have to take another trip to beloved IKEA to grab a few more 34 oz jars for my Red Raj henna, jamila henna, sukesh ayurveda, and brahmi powders (all purchase from Henna Sooq).

I wish I’d done this sooner; having my powders easily identifiable and within reach (I stacked the jars in my pantry) is SO much better than that box.

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