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Twist Out with Mielle Pomegranate & Honey

Wash day post, whoo! Pardon my excitement, I’ve missed doing my “official” wash day recaps. They help me track what works, what I used and when. Here’s the recap for the weekend and my soft, fluffy twist out.

To restore moisture and revert my hair, I deep conditioned on dry hair with HairVeda Deep Conditioning Hair Masque and applied Haitian black castor oil to my scalp for a 2-in-1 deeps Conditioning/hot oil scalp treatment. I deep conditioned for 45 minutes without heat and then cowashed with WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner. My boyfriend’s mother gave me a set of WEN products for Christmas and it’s made me wish that I tried WEN a lot sooner! The  Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, detangles, gently cleanses my hair without stripping it and without leaving behind residue.

After co-washing, I wrapped my hair in a towel for 10 minutes to soak up excess water and grabbed Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner and Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Twisting Soufflé. I was super hesitant to apply the leave-in conditioner to my hair. It’s lighter than my usual leave-ins, causing me to worry whether it would provide as much moisture as my hair needed. I sucked it up and took the plunge.

It was a plunge well worth it! This leave-in provides SO much slip; it made detangling with my fingers a BRUH-EEZE, living up to its claim that it is a “leave-in detangler for thick, curly hair.”After applying the leave-in conditioner, I applied the twisting soufflé to each section before twisting. When I reached the last inch of each twist, I applied Haitian black castor oil to my ends to seal in moisture.

I ended up taking my twist out as I drove to work so I wasn’t able to snap a photo of my hair that morning but my hair fluffed up nicely during the day and even 12+ hours (pictured above) I still loved the results. My hair felt so moisturized and soft. Even 5 days later now, my twist out is still defined and moisturized. I will definitely be using this leave-in + twisting soufflé combo again!

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