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Time Flies | 4 Years Since Last Relaxer

I have a thing for trackers and countdowns. Time has a tendency to run away from me. Before I’ve realized it, 4 years, 7 months, and 13 days has up and flown by since I applied my last relaxer. It doesn’t FEEL like it’s been that long. Every now and then, I think about the ways having relaxed hair was simpler (detangling was definitely easier) and I miss those days but those moments do not last long. It’s been 2 years, 10 months since I snipped off the last of my relaxed ends after transitioning for 21 months and I fall more in love with my kinks and oils every day. I have no regrets about relaxing my hair and thoroughly enjoyed learning how to care for and maintain long healthy relaxed hair but there’s just something freeing about my natural hair.

There are days when my high puff is at maximum “fluffage” and I feel completely unapologetic that it screams “here I am” . . . well to me at least. I wish I could fully cultivate into words the sense of freedom my hair has given me but I can’t. The closest I can get to articulating this feeling is say that between the time I decided to cut off the last of my relaxed hair 2 years ago and today, I realized that my natural hair gave me the courage to be perfectly okay with who I am. To accept that all my quirks, all my flaws, all the things at are uniquely mine.

Four year post relaxer hasn’t been all sunshine, rainbows, and wonderful self-discovery. There’s been a learning curve because my natural hair doesn’t behave the same way my relaxer hair did. I’ve had to find new products, say goodbye to a few staples, learn how to deal with the seemingly never ending single strand knots my ends love to collect, give up go-to styles and learn to embrace trying new things. But I wouldn’t trade the experience or go back. I used to freely say that I would relax my hair again if I felt like it in the future but the kinks and coils are here to stay 🙂

How long has it been since your last relaxer? Are you transitioning or long-term relaxer stretching?


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