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Revamped Henna Recipe | Henna, Hibiscus & Aloe Vera

I picked up a couple things from Henna Sooq to weeks ago and took advantage of the long weekend to treat my hair to a henna application. I purchased 100g of hibiscus powder, 100g of aloe vera powder, and 10g of jamila henna. Here’s how I prepped my henna.

What I used:

[1] 100g of jamila henna
[2] 2 tablespoons of hibiscus powder
[3] 2 tablespoons of aloe vera powder
[4] green tea

After pouring over the interwebs for tips on using henna and hibiscus, the general consensus appeared to be that simply mixing hibiscus powder with henna could cause purple tones rather than red. Since achieving red tones is always my goal when henna’ing my hair, mixing in hibiscus the right way was definitely the way to go.

Step 1 – prepping the hibiscus tea

I added two tablespoons of hibiscus powder to warm water, mixed until the powder dissolved, and then strained the tea through a cheesecloth.

Next time I definitely will not use a cheesecloth. I wanted to use a coffee filter but I didn’t feel like leaving the abode just for a cheesecloth so I made due with what I had. I had to recruit Joe to help me hold the cloth around the bowl as I strained the tea.

Step 2 &3:

Once strained, I added two tablespoons of aloe vera powder to the jamila henna and I mixed the hibiscus tea into the whole shebang.

Looks yummy right?

Step 4:

Next I mixed in the green tea, covered the bowl with cling wrap, and let the henna paste sit for 5 hours for dye release.

What’s your favorite henna recipe?

Next post: henna application and results!

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