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First Length Check of the Year

I started my long-term transition with waist length and have been looking forward to getting back to that length. Over the last year, I’ve done the bare minimum to foster optimum/faster hair growth. I only straightened my hair twice last year, and live in twist out and puffs so I’ve been pretty oblivious as to how long my hair actually is. Last week while taking a break from the upper body work out that is blowing out my hair, I called Joe in to help me length check and snap a pic of my hair. When his thumb hit my back, I was a little confused because it felt like it was near my natural waist line because (shouting in my head) there’s NO way his thumb could be near my natural waist! After inching up my t-shirt and all but dancing out of position because I was so excited, I damn near hit the electric slide when I saw the photo below.

I had convinced myself my hair wasn’t growing – which I know is silly because our hair is always growing (barring any serious illness) so this length check was an awesome surprise and helped renew my desire to really grow my hair out. I’ve kind ofbeen floating in limbo, unsure of what I want to achieve. Last year, I got by with doing the bare minimum (I’ll be sharing how I maintained hair health by doing the bare minimum in a post soon) but this year, I want to step it up and go back to my old healthy hair-focused ways. I’m shooting for full waist length or a little past it this year! There, I said it! As usual, JGA helps hold me accountable so I’ll have no choice but to get it together to hit my goal. Whoop!

What’s your number 1 healthy hair goal this year?

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