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First Length Check of the Year

While blow drying my hair this weekend (using the tension method + cool air), I had the sudden urge to see how long my hair has gotten. It’s been ages since I’ve done an official length check. No seriously, it has. I haven’t done one since June 2015, eek! You can check out that length check here.

Side note: I apologize for the fuzzy photo, I really should have wiped the lens on my phone before snapping. Anywho, I’ve been wearing my hair in either low buns, low ponytail puffs, twists outs, or protective styles for so long that I haven’t seen my hair fully stretched or straight in a while. I hadn’t even realized my hair had grown this much because of how much my hair shrinks but YAY! I’m getting back to my pre-transition length of waist length and I’m over THE moon y’all!

My length below is 3 years, 6 months, and about 2 weeks of growth (I keep countdowns and trackers for everything lol) and I’ve snipped about 3-4 inches off during that time. My goal is surpass my relaxed hair length and grow past waist length this year.

2017: waist length (or longer) or bust!

What’s your goal length for this year?

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