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Wash Day | Lazy Hair Days In Marley Twists

It’s that time again… when I need a break from my hair so I lazily tuck it away in marley twists. Here’s what I did.

[1] Co-washed with Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash.

[2] Next, I tea rinsed with green tea. Remember when I used to tea rinses every week! I noticed my hair shedding a bit more than usual so I went back to my basics.

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[3] I revisited an old fave – Silk Dream Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream (VSCMD). In addition to shedding, I’d also been experiencing some breakage at my ends for the last couple of days (my hair going haywire I guess). Unfortunately, I haven’t brought a proper protein conditioner since I ended my transition last year so I didn’t know what I was going to do… BUT I remembered that the one time I used VSCMD on my all-natural hair it left it a bit stiff so I grabbed my jar in hopes of cheating my way to a protein treatment since VSCMD contains hydrolzyed milk protein and hydrolzyed silk protein.

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Once I’d applied the conditioner to my hair, I sat under my Secura Steamer for 15 minutes. Steaming helps the conditioner penetrate into my hair and gives my hair an added boost of moisture.

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Luckily, my gamble worked. The deep conditioner left my hair smooth, soft yet strengthened, and stopped the breakage I was experiencing. My hair after deep conditioning under the steamer:

[4] After deep conditioning, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to soak up excess water, applied leave-ins (Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In Conditioner, sealed in with OGX Penetrating Vitamin E Oil) and installed my marley twists.

I didn’t even want to expend the energy it took to install my twists so I rushed through it, making the sections bigger than I usually do. Total install time: 2.5 hours. I’ve had my twists in for 5 days and I going to try my best to leave them in for 2 weeks… we’ll see how that battle goes.

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Have you revisited any old faves lately? Don’t forget to join our healthy hair tribe and add your wash day to the link up!

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