Reviving Flat Hair with Perm Rods

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Reviving Flat Hair with Perm Rods

Perm rods on flat ironed hairOkay I’m kinda cheating with this week’s wash day post since I haven’t washed my hair since straightened it last week. Forgive me? Pleeeeease?

My hair had started puffing out but I wanted to coax a couple more days out of it since I have no clue when I’ll straighten my hair again so I decided to smooth it out and add some curls with perm rods.

1-Entwine and blue perm rods

Here’s what I did:

[1] Gently combed each section with a big wide-toothed, seamless comb

[2] Applied Entwine Naturalle Couture Exotique Leave-In Hair Potion (my review is posted here) + sealed in the leave-in with Entwine Argan Oil

[3] Rolled my hair onto a perm rod right after applying product (I used 16 in total)

[4] Caught some zzz’s with the perm rods still in

To protect my hair while sleeping, I loosely tied my silk scarf around the rods. Sleeping in perm rods is SO much easier than sleeping in curl formers or flexi rods.

The next morning I took out the perm rods and ran my fingers through my hair to fluff and shape.

Flat hair revived with perm rods in 4 easy steps. Whoop whoop!

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How was your wash day?

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