May #WashDayExperience Themes!

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May #WashDayExperience Themes!

May WashDayExperience Link Up Themes

April showers bring new #washdayexperience themes! Join KLP and I for another round of wash day fun!

If the themes aren’t your thing, that’s perfectly okay! You can still join the weekly wash day link up, the more the merrier.

Week 1 – Summer Hair Prep
What summer styles do you plan to try? Are you making any regimen changes?

Week 2 – Hair Color & Care
As a newbie henna head, I’m excited to read how you’re caring for your hair color. Share your tips, regimen, or future color plans for week 2.

Week 3 – Voluminous Curls
Break out your go-to techniques for big, beautiful curls.

Week 4 – Next Day Hair
We all wish our day 1 hair perfection would last until the next wash day rolls around. Take this wash day to share your beautiful next day hair.


Toodles! Pop in tomorrow for my wash day recap, I’m using a couple Thank God It’s Natural products for the first time! ♥

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