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Wash Day | White & Tan Perm Rod Set

After finishing up my second henna treatment this weekend, I finished up the festivities by doing a perm rod set with white perm rods (7/16″) and tan perm rods (11/16″). This was my second attempt at using perm rods on wet hair. My first attempt didn’t go so well (check out that fail here) but I’m super happy with my results this time around!

What I used & What I did

For leave-ins I used Entwine Couture Exotiquee Leave-In Hair Potion, sealed my leave-in with Organix Vitamin E Oil, and Entwine Couture Creme Jelle Styler for hold (my reviews are posted here). I worked in small sections (parting with just my fingers), starting a two strand twist before rolling my hair on the rod upwards (from ends to root). After setting my hair on the rods, I loosely wrapped my hair with my silk scarf and let my hair air dry.

Wrapped perm rods

Take Down + Day 1 Curls

My hair took forever to dry. I think I set my hair around 7 pm, Sunday, and took them out 6 am the next morning and my hair had the nerve to be damp in the front. I had to run and grab my blow dryer to quickly dry the damp sections for 15 minutes. I used the smaller white perm rods in the front and the larger tan perm rods in the back. I wish I could share how many rods I used but I forgot to count how many I used as I removed them.

White and tan perm rods Here’s my hair after I removed the perm rods.

Removed perm rodsAs mentioned above, before rolling my hair upwards on the perm rod, I started a two strand twist. Starting off with a two strand twist makes it SO easy to separate the curls afterwards without causing frizz.

Two strand twist perm rodsI didn’t like how my hair looked after dividing each section in two so I went back and separated my hair a bit more, winding the sections around my finger to reform the curl shape. End result: bouncy, shiny curls.

After separating perm rod curlsPinappling to preserve the curls

To maintain my curls, I pineappled my hair for bed, using a headband to gently hold my hair up.

Pineappling perm rods

Day 3 Curls + Work out style

I fully expected my curls to drop quite a bit by day 3 but they’ve held up nicely, even after working out.

Perm rod set day 3To protect my curls while working out, I wore my hair up in two high pig tail curly puffs.

Perm rod pig tailsSidenote: I was so happy to see the red tint in the photo below from my henna treatement. Whoop!Perm rod pig tails

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What’s your favorite way to achieve curly styles?

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