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Oh, Hey Shrinkage

By day 4 of the twist out I posted in yesterday’s wash day recap, my hair felt too dry for my liking so I popped into my bathroom and grabbed some conditioner. I’m still giving the recent Komaza Care products I picked up a whirl, so I decided to give the Moja Moisturizing Conditioner another try. This time I applied it to dry hair and sat under my steamer (review posted here) for 15 minutes. Using a steamer to deep condition is a great way to boost the effectiveness of conditioners. The Moja Moisturizing Conditioner is a pretty good detangler but even with my steamer, it still doesn’t provide enough moisture for my hair. I have 2 big bottles of the stuff so I’m going to use it up as a pre-poo conditioner. Anywho, after co-washing with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash, I applied Komaza Care Califia Care Leave-In Conditioner + Komaza Care Califia Care Styling Pudding.

Wet after, after applying leave-in conditioner + pudding
Wet hair, after applying leave-in conditioner + pudding

Within 20 minutes, my natural shrinkage took over.

Dried hair

I normally post photos of my freshly washed or conditioned wet hair on wash days, and then my style results where my hair is stretched so y’all rarely see my dried, shrinkage-at-100% hair. Well these tresses of mine shrink up A LOT.

I’m not comfortable wearing my hair out in a fro at this shrinkage length, so I dabbed some Mane Choice Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel on my edges, tied my edges down with a silk scarf, and pulled my little coils up into a high puff.

Remember when I used to live in buns when my hair was relaxed? Well I live in puffs now.

Shrinkage is a L I A R I tell you, a liar.

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