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Detangling Tips Round Up

Happy hump day! This week’s March #WashDayExperience theme is “detangling tips.” Detangling is one of things that seems so small in comparison to learning curve that comes with figuring out when to use to protein vs moisture, high porosity vs low porosity, but should never be overlooked. Before I started my healthy hair journey, detangling meant a sore scalp, frustration, and lots of broken hair… no really, lots. It was normal to see a grade A large egg-sized wad of hair after detangling. And I thought that’s what was supposed to happen. Maya Angelou said it best,

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

I wasn’t up for fussing with my hair so I don’t have a wash day recap to share today so as a peace offering, I’ve pulled together my past detangling posts to share with you.

Detangling Do’s and Dont’s


You can read the full post of detangling do’s and dont’s at this link, but here are a few:


  • Use products that provide slip (e.g. conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or detangling spray) or oil when detangling your hair.
  • Use your fingers first, then move on to a large, wide tooth comb. Your fingers will always be gentler than a comb. Starting with your hands first is a great way to remove shed hair without risking too much breakage. I often run into what looks like an awful tangle only to find (after working the tangle loose with my fingers) that it was caused by one single strand wrapped around all the others.


  • Do not detangle by attempting to slide the comb through from root to tip in one go. Start at the last 2 inches of so of your ends and detangle that first. Then, work your way up the length of your hair 1-2 inches at time.
  • Never detangle dry hair.
  • Avoid using a small toothed comb.


Visuals: How I Detangle

Here’s a video of how I detangled my relaxed hair. I pretty much detangle my natural hair the same way, except I pay more attention to detangling my ends first since my natural strands coil around each other and failure to sort out my ends before moving upwards is a big no-no.

*I’ll make a video detangling my natural hair in the future.


Always Use The Proper Tools

Proper detangling technique is important, but so is using the proper tools. I purchased these seamless combs 2-3 years ago and they’ve been one of the best purchases I’ve made for my hair. As the name suggests, seamless combs lack a seam that can snag hair and cause breakage.

favecombsHercules Sagemann 1975 Comb ($14.95) • Hercules Sagemann 5580 ($13.95) • Jumbo Rake ($19.50)

Don’t be afraid to mix up your own detangler

Detangler Version 3_3.jpg

Check out the full post here


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For more detangling posts, look below! And please feel free to share your detangling tips in the comments or add your post to the link up ♥

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