Day 5 Twist Out with Minibuns

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Day 5 Twist Out with Minibuns

Normally by day 5, I’m either ready to pull my hair up into a puff because my hair has morphed into a frizzy mass while shrinkage is taking over, or co-washed/applied moisturizer because my hair feels like Saharan Desert.

This week’s wash day has held up pretty well. Per my norm, I’ve done very little to my hair since I unraveled my twists five days ago. My hair is too short to really effectively pineapple twist outs (I can get away with pineappling on day 1, but as the week wears on, it just makes my hair stick up awkwardly). As a result, I’ve learned to either sleep on my back or tuck my hair behind my ears to keep the front sections from sticking out every which way in the morning. This week’s front sections didn’t survive my workouts though, so I tossed in 2 minibuns yesterday.

In the morning I simply wake up, apply a pump of Entwine Total Perfection Argan Oil to my hair (focusing on my ends) and fluff, fluff, fluff.

Entwine Naturalle Couture Total Perfection Argan Oil

When I went natural I was really worried I’d have to manipulate my hair a lot to keep it styled, but it’s nice finding out that my no muss, no fuss styling preferences from my relaxed hair days still live on *fist pump!*

How did you wear hair today?

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