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[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mina”]Hi Jen, is it bad that I have been 1 year natural & I blow dry my hair. When I say blow dry, I mean i wash my hair every weeks & I blow dry on low heat & I put my hair in a protective style (which is a braided hairstyle that I leave in for 2 weeks).[/blockquote]

Hi Mina, provided that you’re using a heat protectant, deep conditioning and giving your hair protein when necessary, no I wouldn’t say it’s bad. Is it possible to sometimes stretch your hair without heat, like by banding your hair, before putting your hair into the protective style?

[blockquote align=”none” author=”SandySue”]Hi Jen, Awesome blog!!I have relaxed hair. My hair is naturally thin when its relaxed its even thinner, I’ve noticed that when I put protective braids my hair doesn’t grow at all or grows even slower than normal. Anything I can possibly try?[/blockquote]

Hi SandySue, thank you! Unless stunted due to medical reasons, hair is pretty much always growing but there are a number of factors that affect its growth rate like water intake and proper diet. Usually the number one culprit for hair that deceptively looks like it isn’t growing is breakage. Length retention’s enemy is breakage so stopping breakage is key. You mention using braids as a protective style. How do you care for your hair before, after mandatory while the braids are in. Here are a few tips:

Before: doing a protein treatment before installing the braids to strengthen your hair.

During: misting your hair with watered-down/fast absorbing leave-in conditioner or moisturizing spray.

After: detangling your hair after you remove the braids with water + oil spray or a conditioner hat has a lot of slip and deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner to restore ,patties to your hair that it most likely lost while in the braids for X amount of time.

Hope that helps!

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Alyssa W”]I have split ends and I want to trim them. I’m 14 and I’ve read up on the best ways to do this. I’m relaxed but I was wondering if I should trim when my hair is dry or wet. This would be my 1st time trimming them myself.[/blockquote]

Trim when dry.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Onyinyechukwu”]Hi Jen! I really love your natural hair and it looks great stretched! I’d like to know more about the blow dryer as I’m tempted to purchase one. Like, are the edges of the brush attachment smooth & does getting the heat so close raise your cuticles?[/blockquote]

Hi Onyinyechukwu, thank you! I never dry my hair using the ‘hot’ setting. I always use the ‘cold’ setting. I’ve tried the ‘low’ setting on this dryer but it still feels a bit too warm for me, even so, the heat doesn’t raise my cuticles. When drying, I work the dryer downwards, in the natural direction of my cuticles.

The edges of the attachments the Handle-less 2200 dryer by Red by Kiss came with are smooth. I’ve had zero problems with them. But, the Universal Detangler attachment, also by Red by Kiss is much, much smoother than the ones the dryer ships with.


The “large” attachment that ships with the dryer
The Universal Detangling Styling Pik attachment, available on Amazon

Thank you for your questions! Have a PYB question? Submit it below!

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