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Hair Story Feature: Meet Hilda

HildaYour hair is? Relaxed

When did you start your hair journey? What inspired you?
I started my hair journey last year, precisely July. I was bored at work and decided to browse on how to make my hair grow and came across (Lade) a Nigerian blogger with waist length hair and I was amazed. She said she grew her hair to waist length using wigs so I took off the weave I had on, bought a wig and started my hair journey!

Describe your hair for us.
Texlaxed, medium to high porosity, almost armpit length.

What is your current regimen?
I try to keep my regimen as simple as possible to avoid a lot of manipulation. Wash my hair weekly with a sulfate-free shampoo (ORS HaiRepair Invigorating sulfate-free shampoo) and Ors Creamy Aloe Shampoo every 3 weeks, deep condition with (Ors Hair Mayonnaise & Ors Replenishing conditioner) for 30 minutes or more using heat, air dry till my hair is about 80% dry and apply my leave ins (Mega Profective leave-in Strengthener) and then moisturize and seal with any carrier oil of my choice. I use a silk scarf at night and incorporate a lot of protective styles especially wigs and crochet braids when I need a break from my hair.

Do you have any hair goals? Have you achieved them?
My hair goal for this year is healthy hair. I hope to achieve healthy hair and ends and start working towards length. My ultimate hair goal is healthy waist length hair. My hair is definitely healthier than at the beginning of the year and my ends are starting to look healthy too though I may still have to trim them after my next relaxer session.

How did you achieve them? How are you working to achieve them?
I haven’t achieved my goal of healthy ends yet but I’m working towards it. I baggy my ends once in a while and I set goals for the week and review them at the end of that week.

Have you had any setbacks? How did you bounce back?
I’ve had 2 major setbacks and I hope I’ve learnt from them. Lol! I installed crochet braids last year and early this year and when taking them off i accidentally snipped off my hair. The first time I cut of almost a whole cornrow and the second time I snipped off my ends. I was so sad and upset because I had hoped to be APL by my last relaxer session in May. I had to keep my love for crochet braids aside for while and give my hair some serious TLC. Thankfully my hair is fuller now and I see myself surpassing APL by my next relaxer session.

How has your hair journey impacted other parts of your life?
Well I’m extremely patient now with myself than I used to be. I’m not where I want to be but I’m definitely not where I used to be and for that I’m grateful to God. I also drink lots of water and I’m more confident about myself and my hair too.

What are your favorite protective styles?
Crochet braids all day long. Lol!!! Loose updo’s, cornrows and wigs.

What are some of your favorite products?
Ors Creamy Aloe Shampoo, Ors Replenishing Conditioner, Ors Edge control (basically all Ors products) Mega Profective leave-in Strengthener, Coconut oil, JBCO, raw shea butter, Motions Moisture plus conditioner.

How do you deal with people who doubt you? What motivates you to keep going?
The first hair blog I read about 2 years ago said discouragement helped her hair grow and I stand by the same. I used to relax my hair bone straight and my friends will always laugh at me and say all sorts of crazy things about my hair but now they’re also on their hair journeys and it;s because they’ve seen progress in my hair in such a short time. I tell myself and my hair every time I look into the mirror that my hair will grow. And the progress I’ve made in the past one year is a proof of that!

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their journey?
Do your research well!! One of the things that helped me as a newbie was the research I’d done on hair care. I read a lot of blogs and I even kept a hair diary so I could be accountable to myself. I listed every product I needed and cross-checked between blogs to see which products worked for persons with my hair type. Starting my hair journey proper was a piece of cake as I didnt have setbacks with hair products.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things (e.g. conditioner, bobby pins) would you wish you had?
My wide toothed comb, Mega profective leave-in conditioner, Ors Replenishing conditioner, Bobby pins and JBCO.

What do you love most about your hair?
The volume!! My hair is so full its amazing. Sometimes I stare at old pictures of my hair when it was sleek and I could almost see my scalp and I’d cringe at the thought of ever relaxing my hair like that.

Where can we find you on the web?
Blog: Moma’s Healthy Hair Journey | Instagram: @momashairjourney | Twitter: @hildayaila | Facebook: Moma’s Healthy Hair Journey

Thank you for sharing your story with us Hilda!


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