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2015 Styling Highlights

I hope every one had an amazing New Years and welcomed 2016 surrounded by family and/or friends! This post is totally late, but I’m going to pretend I’m a rebel and still share it with you. 2015 felt like the longest, most mentally and emotionally exhausting year of my life. I feel like I barely did anything with my hair compared to the past years (2009-2014), buuuuuuuut here are my styling highlights of 2015.


I started off 2015 doing curl former sets pretty frequently. Curl formers made stretching and blending my relaxed hair and natural hair a breeze.
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After ending my transition in April, I hid my curl formers for months. They’re actually curl former dupes… I bought them at a fraction of the price (on eBay and Amazon) and they work just as well as the real deal. I didn’t dust my CFs off until November. My hair just isn’t at the length where I want to bother installing those little torture devices (they’re annoying to sleep in) so I can’t promise I’ll be doing them as frequently as I used to… at least until I grow my hair longer.
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After ending my transition in April, I switched to fussing with my hair as least as possible. I started wearing my hair  in marley twists in March and they became my boo-thangs and my go-to protective style. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my hair tucked away in marley twists more often than I had it out. Wearing my hair in marley twists helped dull the shock of big-chopping in April. I literally cut off my last of my relaxed ends, stared at myself in the mirror like “who is this strange woman?!?! I don’t recognize her!” and then re-twisted my hair right after. I took them out only to wash, deep condition, and reinstall them.




After snipping off the last of my relaxed hair, I hesitated on straightening my hair. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to achieve sleek, straight results comparable to my relaxed hair. In September I blow dried my hair and then gave up on straightened it and left my hair alone in all its fluffy cloud glory.

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With practice, my straightening results improved *happy dance.* The third time I straightened my hair I finally got the hang of it.

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The fourth time I switched using the brush chase method and finally felt like I nailed down my straight hair routine. Now the only thing I’ve left to figure out is how to get my straightened hair to last longer than a week . . . but with working out, I don’t see how I’d solve that puzzle.

My flat-ironed natural hair is much lighter than my flat-ironed relaxed hair, partly because I now skip using a leave-in conditioner and because the leave-in heat protectants I now use are much lighter as well. As a result, my natural straightened hair is bouncier and more… fly-away-ier??? Does that even make sense? Let’s pretend it does 🙂 But on the plus side, my hair is thicker than it was when it was relaxed so the fly-away hair doesn’t bother me. I love it.


For the first time in my life I found myself freaking out over whether my hair would revert to its natural curl pattern. When I relaxed my hair I never paid it any mind. Why fret over whether my new growth would revert when I’d end up relaxing it at the end of a relaxer stretch? THANKFULLY after each time I straightened my hair my reverted. Heat damage disaster averted!

To revert my hair I sprayed it first with a water and glycerin mix (60% water, 40% glycerin) and added a little bit of conditioner on top (Organix Vitamin E Conditioner). Spraying my hair with water and glycerin gives my hair a much needed moisture boost since I don’t moisturize my straightened hair during the week.



At first, I was only able to achieve a decent twist out after removing my marley twists.
Practice makes perfect and after a few tries I got the hang of it. What really helped me achieve better results was twisting my hair while still very damp (I let my hair dry overnight).
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I definitely fell in love with wearing my hair in a high puff last year. They’re easy and require minimal manipulation to achieve. The only downside is that wearing my hair in a puff without first stretching my hair creates single strand knots.


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Welp! There you have it. My [few] style highlights of 2015! My goal this year will definitely be to learn how to do more styles. I was a lazy styler when I relaxed my hair and that’s definitely carried over as an all natural lady, but I’ll do my best to try harder.

What were your best styles of 2015? If you have highlight post, please add it to the link up below!


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