Wash Day | An Accidental Pre-Poo That Rocked & Smooth Straight Hair

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Wash Day | An Accidental Pre-Poo That Rocked & Smooth Straight Hair

[1] My hair felt pretty dry by the time wash day rolled around so to prep for my wash day I decided to kill 3 birds with one stone by (a) using a moisturizing pre-poo treatment that would also (b) detangle my hair, and (c) use up products in the process.

I rummaged through my stash and grabbed moisturizing conditioners with nearly empty bottles and added glycerine, a humectant, a boost the mix’s moisturizing properties. The conditioners I used were L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner (a ceramide packed conditioner), Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer, Paul Mitchell The Detangler (this moisturizing conditioner provides tons of slip), and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle (moisturizing + slip).

I applied the conditioner mix to dry hair and used my Hot Head Conditioning Cap to pre-poo for an hour. After rinsing out my hair it. felt. freaking. awesome. I was pleasantly surprised. My hair felt supple after rinsing out the pre-poo mix and running my fingers through my hair, 18 months worth of natural new growth and all, was a breeze. I was almost tempted to skip my normal deep conditioning session.

*Do you need to use that many conditioners for an effective pre-poo? HECK NO! I used that many because I needed to throw away all those nearly empty bottles that were taking up space.

[2] Shampooed with Bobeam Coco Honey & Amla Conditioning Shampoo Bar. I planned to flat iron my hair (first for the new year) so I opted to shampoo instead of co-washing to cleanse my hair and make sure I didn’t have too much product build up.
[3] Protein treatment with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment.
[4] Wrapped hair in towel for 15 minutes to soak up all excess water.
[5] Deep conditioned with HairVeda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner under my steamer for 15 minutes.
[6] After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I t-shirt dried for 20 minutes, then I lightly detangled using just my fingers and used the banding method to stretch my hair. I banded my hair into 4 quandrants and let my hair dry for about 3 hours.

My hair was slightly damp when I removed the bands, but it was stretched very well. For leave-ins I used It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In and apply a small amount of Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide (heat protectant and discontinued) and then finished drying my hair using cold air + tension method, detangling in small sections before drying. Once my hair was dry I flat ironed my hair using my HANA Titanium flat iron.

The few times I’ve flat ironed my hair during this long transition, I wasn’t 100% pleased… until this wash day happened. After flat ironing, my hair was über smooth (y’all know I swoon for smooth hair), light, and bouncy. I may or may not have been on could nine when I turned off my flat iron 🙂



And I’m so glad I did a protein treatment before flat ironing my hair because it helped strengthen my hair against the heat use and nipped the bit of breakage I had at the line of dermarcation right in the bud. I used to use PM’s Keratin Intensive Treatment many moons ago and I’m happy it’s been working well for both my natural hair and relaxed hair. It noticeably strengthens my hair but it does so without stiffening/hardening my hair. As a bonus, it rinses well and detangles my tresses as it rinses out #winnerwinnerchickendinner

I hope your wash day went well!! What technique or product shined during your wash?

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