Transitioning Talk: The Hardest Part Is Looking Back

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Transitioning Talk: The Hardest Part Is Looking Back

Gjama asks: Hi Jen, for the looks of it, it seems like your transition has been ridiculously smooth. I’ve always heard that long-term transitioning is like walking over hot coals but it’s nice to see that with the proper techniques, knowledge, tools, AND PATIENCE, having a relatively tear-free long-term transition is possible. I’ve already read all your posts on HOW you’ve done it but what I’d like to know is what’s the hardest part…. I don’t mean tangles, but like what’s been the hardest part about letting go of where your hair was — because I’ve read every since post… took me a awhile lol… and realized your hair was very healthy as the start of your transition — and where your hair is now?

Hi Gjama, great question. The hardest part of this transition has trying not to get hung up on the length and health my hair before I started my transition. I think because my hair was healthy before, it’s made me pretty impatient to hurry up and get back there. To smother my patience I try to avoid handling my hair as much as possible. The less I have to handle it, the less I compare it to how it used to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen in love with my natural texture and it’s not the straight hair I miss, because my texlaxed hair had lots of texture so it kind of that wasn’t big emotional hurdle but there are things I definitely miss about my pre-transition hair.

I miss the easy detangle and air dry wash days!


I miss the length!


I miss how easily my hair used to straighten!


I even miss the roller sets I now loathe doing!

But I think the things I missed are missed just because it’s what I had gotten used to. I knew how my hair would react to certain styles and techniques to a tee, and now I basically have to relearn my hair. I definitely miss my length the most but length just takes time so I’ll be back there one day. I will admit though that I avoid looking at my old pics because they only make me impatient lol.

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