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Wash Day | Three Cheers for Curlformers

[1] Pre-poo: Aussie Moist Conditioner on my hair and Hair Trigger on my scalp for a couple hours while I studied.

[2] Shampoo: Hair Trigger is like über thick, so thick that I didn’t trust co-washing to remove it from my scalp so I shampooed instead with Bobeam Coco Honey and & Amla Conditioning Shampoo Bar.

[3] Coffee rinse: after shampooing (once, and in sections) I did a coffee rinse.

[4] Deep conditioned: with HairVeda Sitrinillah. I’d never been happier to deep condition than I was this weekend. After a two week hiatus from deep conditioning, and barely moisturizing and sealing during the week my hair wasn’t too dry (which was a pleasant surprise) but I was paranoid that just another day without some TLC would turn my hair into the Sahara.

[5] T-shirted dried for an hour.

[6] Leave-ins (Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Styling Foam, and small amount of Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum) + detangled + set my hair with curl former dupes (these ones on Amazon for $13).

Right hand photo: Once I'd finished putting the curl formers in, I pulled the front sections away from my face by tying them back with two hair bands and then let my hair air dry.
Right hand photo: Once I’d finished putting the curl formers in, I pulled the front sections away from my face by tying them back with two hair bands and then let my hair air dry.

I used 79 curl formers, using the pink (counter clockwise) CFs in the left side and the yellow (clockwise) CFs on the right. I’m so glad I bought a second pack of CFs because I was able to work in smaller sections, which it easier to slide my hair through the CFs. Although, there was one section that was too large and I was being lazy. I had to really tug my hair through… and I ended up ripping 3 inches of ends clean off.

So children, does as I say not as I do lol. DO NOT work in sections that are too large because you’ll end up with broken ends just like I did on that one section of hair. Thankfully it was only the relaxed ends that broke off (you bet I checked!) so I shrugged it off and kept going… I would’ve ended up cutting those ends in a couple months away. #unbothered I ended up going back and splitting the “section-gone-wrong” in two.

As I put the CFs in I snipped off whatever thin ends stuck out of the end (after snapping the CFs to tuck as much of my length into them as possible). Actually decided to cut away all my relaxed ends at the hair that frames my face, so that area is officially all natural. I basically have a halo of natural hair because I cut the relaxed hair from nape a couple weeks ago. The rest of my hair (and the best chunk where all the length is) still has relaxed ends.

Anywho, I left the CFs in overnight and these are seriously so much easier to sleep in than flexi rods. #nogrumpyjeninthemorning! #coffeehelpedtoo #coffeeisclearlystillhelping #iboughtmyfirstcoffeemakerlastmonth #itwhisperssweetnothingstomeeverymorning #itsprogrammable #iwakeuptothesweetserenadeofcoffeebrewing #thatslove #machineshavefeelingstoo #didntyouwatchthematrix? #iwantedtobetrinity #iwouldn’twanttowakeupinthatgooeystuffthough #itlookedlikeitwouldtakehourstowashout #ofcoursetheconcernisformyhairlol! #whydidijustwriteaparagraphinhashtags #hashtagpimpin

*Cue the fan fair* Three cheers for curl formers (or dupes in my case, and you if you’re like me and wouldn’t want to pay $60+ for the real McCoy either). These little curly gems stretched my 16 months worth of new growth so. freaking. well. And gaveme smooth curls. Y’all know how much smooth hair makes me swoon!


I didn’t want to risk causing any frizz so I didn’t bother separating the curls… and there were so many I didn’t really see the point in separating them.

I have to admit that after snipping off thin ends that stuck out, I went back and snipped off more ends I thought weren’t up to par after taking out the CFs. I remember when the thought of cutting my hair made me cringe… now it’s apparently open season for any ends that look at me funny.

By day 3, my curls were still hanging around, just in looser, bigger shape.

Day 3
Day 3

How was your recent wash day? Join the link up fun below! You know you wanna.

P.S. Please forgive me for my hashtag craziness. My fingers have a mind of their own… a mind that loses its dork filter when coffee is thrown in the mix.

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