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Wash Day | First Curlformer Set

Last week’s flexi rod set held up pretty well and the high, curly, messy, bun-ish style I wore it in helped contain it (I’d never been more thankful for aloe vera gel and Goody hair bands) but after taking my hair down I looked like I had stuck my finger in a socket. Glamorous right? And I don’t know what’s up with my expression below, let’s just all ignore it. Maybe it was for emphasis, who knows.

Day 6 of last week’s flexi rod set
[1] I hadn’t moisturized + sealed or finger combed my hair last week, so pre-pooing with conditioner to loosen the curls as well as finger-combing to remove shed hair before letting water anywhere near my hair was a must. After applying Aussie Moist Conditioner to my hair, I sat under my steamer for 15 minutes.
I worked in sections to loosen the curls and finger-comb.

[2] Next I co-washed with SheScentIt BlueBerry. I didn’t have really high hopes for this co-wash after the first time I used it but first impressions aren’t everything. I didn’t let this conditioner sit on my hair this time around. I applied it my hair, worked it from the roots to ends (which took maybe 2 minutes per section), and then rinsed. My hair afterwards felt clean, soft, but not stripped. *Fist pump*
[3] Green tea rinsed and left the tea in.
[4] Towel dried for 30 minutes.
[5] Applied deep conditioner to my hair (HairVeda Sitrinillah) and then sat under my steamer for 15 minutes.

[6] After rinsing out the conditioner, I t-shirt dried for an hour before breaking out my curl former dupes! After t-shirt drying, I sectioned my hair into four and applied my leave-ins (Kurlee Belle Leave-In Conditioner (my review and referral code JUSTGROWALREADY10 gets you 10% off your first order) + Organix Shea Butter Liquid Glass… which has become my fave leave-in combo) and set my hair with the curlformers. I’ve wanted to try curlformers for a while but did not want pay $60+ for them. Luckily I found a pack of 40 (Dragonpad brand) on eBay for $8. Gotta love that $52 difference!!!

I THOUGHT a pack of 40 would be enough but I underestimated the size of my big head because I ran out. I used flexi rods to finish up my hair.

I also discovered that the longest sections of my hair are too long for these curlformer dupes; these curlformers are 19 inches long, my longest layers are 21 inches. In certain areas I cheated and slid the curlformer down so that my roots were exposed but my ends were tucked away in the curlforers. I’ll take frizzy roots over frizzy ends any day since it’s easier for me to conceal frizzy roots rather than straight, frizzy ends.

To keep the root at this section stretched while my hair dried and decrease frizziness, I used a bobby pin to keep it pinned down and stretched… can you spy the bobby pin in the photos below?

In other areas, I just didn’t care and cut off whatever ends I found sticking out. The longer I get into this transition the less it bothers me to randomly start snipping away at my hair. Sounds like finally cutting off my relaxedends is on the horizon huh? #lawdgivemestrengthtoholdoff

I slept on the curlformers, letting them dry overnight. Sleeping on them wasn’t all sunshine and flowers, they’re still hard plastic after all, but it was better than sleeping on flexi rods. The next morning I removed the curlformer dupes… and then…

I twirled. I may have thrown confetti. I shook my booty to Maroon 5 and shimmied around my bathroom. My hair was stretched and my curls were smooth. All was right in the world. It’s been a while since I’ve had smooth curls like these so I was excited! And hey, why didn’t you guys yell at me to try curlformers sooner! I thought we were friends?

Right after taking out the curlfomers. I haven’t separated the curls yet.

Stretched roots at 15 months post. Gimme gimme.

After removing the curlformers, I gently separated each curl in two or three (except the very front).


On day 3 the curls started dropping more than I liked so I pinned my hair into this messy faux-thing-a-ma-bob. Pardon the photo quality, snapped these with my phone.

Day 3 of curlformer set

Haven’t tried curlformers yet? Getchusome! I’m smitten with them and picked up a second pack (same Dragonpad brand) from Amazon for $13, so I’ll have enough curlformers the next time I give these a whirl. These curlformer dupes proved to be a great way to achieve heat free curls. It only took my 50 minutes to get them in and 10 minutes to remove them so if you’ve joined the 30 Days without Heat challenge and are considering a way to achieve heat free curls, I nominate curlformers.

How was your recent wash day? Don’t forget to join the link up and share your wash day experience with us!

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