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Wash Day | Back To My Bun Life

[1] I started off by applying Aussie Moist Conditioner to my hair to loosen the curls from last week’s curlformer set. I also applied Hair Trigger to my scalp… remember when I used to use it every wash day?! I’m trying to revisit old goodies, so I took a trip back in time with this one. After applying the conditioner and oil to my hair and scalp, I tucked my heat into my Hot Head conditioning cap for 30 minutes.

[2] I doubted whether co-washing would be enough to remove the oil from my scalp so after pre-pooing, I shampooed with Bobeam Coco Honey & Amla Conditioning Shampoo Bar. This shampoo bar lathers in VERY quickly and gently cleansed my hair without stripping it.

[3] Next I tea rinsed with marshmallow + green tea. Leaving the tea in my hair, I wrapped my hair with a towel to soak up excess liquid for 30 minutes. [4] Next I applied HairVeda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner to my hair and then popped my heating cap back on my head for an hour. After my hair had cooled down, I rinsed the conditioner from my hair and [5] sprayed my hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar + water mix (I do not rinse the ACV out).

[6] I t-shirt dried for an hour and then applied my leave-ins… you guessed it: Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner + Organix Shea Butter Liquid Glass Serum. Working in 8 main sections, I applied leave-ins to each before detangling (I split each of the 8 main sections into smaller sections when detangling) and then gently stretching and drying my hair using cold air + the tension method. I did not dry my hair all the way – my hair was about 80% dry – so I after working on a section, I put in a big two-strand twist and pinned it back to keep the hair stretched while I worked on the remaining sections.

[7] Once all of my hair was detangled and stretched, I applied aloe vera gel to my edges and after gently brushing it in, I covered my hair with a silk scarf and finished air drying my hair overnight.

The next morning, I finger-combed my hair into a simple bun.

I got caught in the rain earlier this week without an umbrella so my hair frizzed up a bit, but that’s fine with me, wrapping my hair at night helps eliminate the frizz by the next morning. I remember when I used to dread being caught in the rain without an umbrella or dread humid days. Now neither one phases me all that much. Rainy days give me an excuse to throw on my rain boots and splash through every puddle I see.

My routine for the week has been simple:
• Take my hair down at night to moisturize and seal
• Apply a little aloe vera gel to my temples, which are the parts of my edges that rebel the most during the week
• Toss my hair in a very loose bun (I don’t use pins or hair bands when I sleep) + cover my hair with a silk scarf for bed
• And in the morning, finger-comb my hair back into a bun for the day.

How was your recent (heat-free?) wash day?
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