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Transitioning Talk: Tempted to Cut

15 months & 2 weeks post relaxer
15 months & 2 weeks post relaxer

Hi there, just a bit of transitioning babble…

I started this post fully ready to tell you that I’m so over my long transition and that I’m taking my shears out of the freezer… which is where I hid them to stop me from cutting my hair. But now that I’ve calmed down, I’m still tempted to snip, snip, snip, but I’m less inclined to do it before I’m ready.

My goal is to transition two years and cut off my remaining relaxed ends June 2015… but this December is a BIG maybe. My biggest hold up is the fact that my natural hair isn’t as long as I’d like it to be before ending my transition. Right now the lowest sections (my nape) hit my shoulders. Ideally, I’d like to be BSL before cutting it all off… but unless I grow an inch a month (which I don’t) I don’t see that happening by June next year.

I’m excited about how thick my hair is growing in but man does it make it hard to look at my thinner ends. What’s really annoying is that it’s only my ends at my nape that are the problem. All my other ends are fine; it’s like my nape is forever committed to being the problem child. As of now I have zero plans to straighten/wear my hair down between now and the end because I know it’ll just make me pine for a cut. Best way to resit tempation? Don’t create the opportunity. Life lessons I tell you! Anywho, I’m going to be relying on buns, faux bobs, flexi rods, and curlformers for the next 2-8 months to both blend my textures and camouflage my ends.

On a brighter note… after sending my mother — the queen who inspired my transition — photos of my recent flexi rod and curlformer sets, she has been more excited to wear her natural hair out. She hasn’t done it yet but she’s sent me photos of her practicing at home… which is pretty big because she always washes her hair, braids it, and then dons her wigs. There is nothing wrong with wearing wigs. They are a great protective style, but I want her to feel comfortable in her own skin and love her hair enough to wear it out. We’re getting there. And I just might cry the day it happens.

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