Transitioning Talk: Okay… So I Cut A Little

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Transitioning Talk: Okay… So I Cut A Little

Somehow I found myself at my freezer door, reaching under the bag of peas for my shears and then magically in my bathroom snipping away at my hair tonight O_o

After venting about my temptation to cut I was fully committed to hold off until either December or June for a reunion with my shears… but my nape has been driving me nuts y’all. It was like an itch I had to scratch. The relaxed hairs at my nape were the thinnest, saddest looking pieces of hair on my head and I got tired of looking at them tonight. They had to go, go, go. Below is some of the hair I snipped off and the bobby pin is for some reference of the length I snipped off.

The good news is that my nape is natural after snipping off the relaxed ends and I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I even actually liked it. I had a “HA! TAKE THAT, THIN ENDS!” moment. I fist pumped #judgmentfreezone!

Even more good news that this impromptu tiny chop will make it easier to track how much my natural hair has grown. I didn’t expect to see it stretch that far (shrinkage is a liar) but I’ll gladly take it! It feels a bit weird one to have one part of my hair drastically shorter than the rest, but thankfully the rest of my hair will be able to cover up my nape when bunning.

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