I’m Smitten with Curlformers

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I’m Smitten with Curlformers

I tried my hand at curl former dupes this weekend and I think I’m smitten.

I ran out of curlformers and had to use flexi rods in some areas

Sleeping on them wasn’t fun (it was a lot better than sleeping on flexi rods) but it was worth it. They did a great job at stretching my new growth, blending my textures, and producing smooth curls. It’s been while since I had curls this smooth!!


I purchased my curl former dupes (Dragonpad brand) from eBay for $8 (pack of 40). I ended up needing more than 40, which I learned the hard way of course: while I was setting my hair, but I grabbed another pack on Amazon for $13 for next time.

As for the technique I used to set my hair, I followed Naptural85’s video as my guide but I wasn’t as successful with the pump motion she uses. Working in smaller sections solved this problem though and I was able to pull my hair through the curlers with ease.

If you’re wondering how the curlformer dupes compare to the real curlformers, check out Naptural85’s video below.

For this month’s 30 Days without Heat challenge I had planned to pretty much stick to my weekly regimen of drying and stretching my hair with cold hair via the tension method, but using my curlformer dupes took less time than my normal routine so I just might have to rethink my wash days for the rest of the month.

Full wash day recap will be up on Wednesday!

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