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Elongtress Giveaway [CLOSED]

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Elongtress, vitamin child of Black Hair Information! I’ve followed Black Hair Information for quite a while so I’m super excited to share this giveaway!

The entry form will be open until October 18th and and three winners will be chosen at random on that day. Winners will receive 1 bottle of Elongtress. Apologies to my international readers but this giveaway is open to USA residents only.

Biotin: Improves keratin infrastructure which is the most basic make up of your hair strand. The B vitamin is also known to increase hair growth rate when taken daily.

Niacin: Improves blood circulation so that vital nutrients are taken to the hair follicles increasing growth and prevent hair loss.

Folic Acid: Renews the cells that aid in the growth of hair. If you have a folic acid deficiency, you will suffer from hair loss and premature graying.

Vitamin B1: This essential vitamin nourishes your hair follicle and your body overall. While it does cause increased growth, it protects your hair from the effects of stress and other things that might cause thinning and hair loss.

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