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30 Days without Heat | My Fave No-Heat Styles

When it comes to styling, I’m a pretty simple gal. My favorite no-heat styles are buns, no-heat curls (top right: curlformer dupes • bottom left: flexi rods) and faux bobs. What I love most about all four styles is that they’re both heat-free styles and low manipulation styles. Over the last 5 years — I CAN’T believe it’s been that long since I started JGA! — I’ve learned that my hair thrives when I use very little heat and low manipulation. For the last 3 yeas I’ve only use a comb on wash day (and that’s to detangle… even deep into this transition I still only use a comb once a week).

Here are a few tips on achieving my fave protective, low manipulation styles without heat.


• Air dried (+ tension dried) hair produces the fluffiest buns. During this transition, I’ve used a combo of both air drying + stretching my roots using the tension method with cold to both help keep tangles at bay and produce big, fluffy buns.

My MO is to stretch my hair (focusing on my roots) using the tension method and the finish air drying in a bun overnight. I used cold air to dry my hair, and even though it takes longer, using cold air is better for my hair because it does not rob my hair of moisture as warm or hot hair will. Not all blow driers have a “cold” button — and I don’t mean the “cool” setting, that’s just lukewarm hair… well, on my blow dryer it is — but I was lucky enough to find a blow dyer with a “cold” button. I’ve wrapped a headband around it to keep it in the on position.

Purchased from Target for $20 if I remember correctly.

For more on the tension method, check out this post: The Tension Method When Blow Drying: How To & Benefits.

• Use hair bands without metal pieces. The metal pieces (that join the two ends of the hairband) can, and some point will, snag your hair. Save those strands a painful death. I love Goody Ouchless bands because they’re without those pesky metal pieces.

Here’s how I do my buns:


Lately my boredom with my stretched/air dried hair has caused me to reach for my flexi rods for heat-free curls. Now that I’ve been wined and dined by curlformers dupes, they’ve joined my heat-free curl team as well.

How do I achieve heat-free curls? It’s a really complicated process but it’s totally worth it so I’ll try to be as clear as possible as to how I go about it… I set my hair and go to sleep 🙂 Don’t be smart-ass, Jen. I know I know… but I had to. Forgive me? #letshugitout

For the full post on my Essentials for Great Flexi Rod Sets, give that link a whirl. Here’s the bare bones list:
[1] Start with damp or wet hair.
[2] Tension is key.
[3] Nix heavy or oily products.
[4] Moisture-prep reigns supreme.
[5] Stretched roots via two strands twists make a world of difference.

I’ll eventually make a detailed “essentials” list for curlformers but the essentials listed above were applicable to my recent curlformer set, just with two minor changes: [1] start with damp hair and [2] work with small sections.


Faux bobs have been my favorite no-heat + low manipulation styles since the dawn of time; it’s a fun, easy way to tuck my ends away. I like to do them on hair that’s been stretched via the tension method (using cold air). To create them, I roll my ends under and simply pin them at the base of my nape with two bobby pins.

Here’s what I mean about pinning to my nape:

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What are your favorite no-heat styles? How do you plan on styling your hair during this month’s 30 Days without Heat challenge?

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