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30 Days without Heat Challenge: Check-In

Sometime after October 1st, I blinked and when I opened my eyes my calendar read “October 31st.” This month our challenge focused on avoiding direct heat. Excessive/frequent use of direct heat (e.g. from flat irons, hot combs, curling irons, blow dryers) causes split ends, breakage, and dry hair.


Using cold air when blow drying. ✓
Using cold air has basically become a way of life for me. Even though it takes longer, by using cold air I’m able to stretch my hair without subjecting it to the drying effects of warm or hot air.

Air drying ✓
This goal should’ve been coupled with using cold air when blow drying because I never blow drying until completely dry. When it’s about 80% I finish up my air drying overnight. I used to solely air dry but I have way too much new growth for that now.

Roller sets ✗
This was a lofty goal. I wanted to redeem my roller set fail last month and hopefully fall back in love with roller setting my hair but the energy and time to attempt to roller set my hair was non-existent.

Bantu knots ✗
Another lofty goal. All my bantu knot attempts have been major fails. The only thing I makes me want to keep trying and hopefully end up with actual curls instead of the frizzy, sad looking, would-be curls are the BKO (bantu knot outs) of KLP of SavingOurStrands.

Banding method to stretch hair ✗
Hmm, just squint and pretend you don’t see this one on the list.

Flexi rod, curl former, or perm rod set ✓
Mission accomplished. I did my first curl former set this month and loved it. I used curl former dupes that I purchased on eBay for $8 #winning. The pack contained 40 curl former dupes, which I thought would be enough, but I underestimated how big my head really is. I was able to find the same dupes on Amazon for $13 (this one’s here), so I picked up a second pack of 40 for my next curl former set.

After setting my hair, I went to bed and woke up with smooth, bouncy, heat-free curls. The best part of this curl former set was how well my new growth was stretched and blended with my relaxed ends.

For most of the month I LIVED in buns done on hair stretched using the tension method (with cold air).

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Jay’s Creta Girl completely fooled me and had I not read the captions on your Instagram posts I would not have realized she was wearing a wig. Love it!!

Tiki of Grow It Girl rocked an amazing braid out!


Now it’s YOUR turn! Share your check-in below!

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