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Picking Your Brain Responses

A reader asks:

Can you recommend some cheaper alternatives for your staple products or products you have in your product review section?

Hi there, I try to only recommend products that I have tried firsthand. Very sorry but if there isn’t a review posted of a product that cost less, I can’t really provide a recommendation :/ It would be like recommending a car because it drives well without ever actually driving the car. It wouldn’t be a recommendation based on experience and really wouldn’t be worth much.

Tamara asks:

Hey Jen! I restarted my hair journey because I had many setbacks. I’m texlaxed btw. When I wash my hair, it shrinks badly and the tangles, OMG, don’t get me started! I watched your video but hours later, it tangles again. Plus I’m tenderheaded again.

Hi Tamara, check out theses post on preventing tangles:

I’m tender headed as well and have no advice on how to diminish scalp sensitivity . . . although a former stylist told me to brush my hair more to reduce scalp sensitivity but that’s never going to happen lol. I’ve learned to just accept it, prevent as many tangles as I can, and handle my hair as gently as possible.

A reader asks:

I’ve been reading about your success with ACV rinses in regard to your scalp. I have an itchy scalp and want to try an ACV rinse, but I’m worried about my low porosity hair. Will an ACV rinse help or hinder? I don’t want extremely closed hair cuticles.

I would not advise doing an ACV rinse with low porosity hair. Depending on how acidic you make your rinse, it might hinder more than help by closing your cuticles, making it harder for moisture to penetrate into your strands. However, if you’re willing to try I suggest starting off by making a very diluted ACV rinse and apply to only one section of your hair/scalp.

Rana HHJ asks:

Hey Jen, just wondering if you still experience breakage at your line(s) of demarcation? If not, how did you get it to stop?

Hi Rana, yes I do and now it’s at the line of demarcation where my straighter relaxed hair and texlaxed hair meet. For that breakage I do a protein treatment and then focus on giving my hair lots of moisture in between the protein treatments to help my hair retain elasticity and avoid breaking at the line of demarcation when my hair ins manipulated.

Juliana asks:

How do I get my hair healthy again, where do I start ? My hairs quite damaged, don’t want to spend too much money on hair products.

Hi Juliana, these “getting started” posts will help provide a starting point:

Ashley asks:

Do we put oil in our scalp, hair, or both?

You can on both. For example, for hot oil treatments you’d apply to both scalp and hair. To seal in moisturizers you’d apply a few drops of oil to the length of your hair, for scalp massages you’d apply only to your scalp.

Buttabeen asks:

Hi, I’m on a quest to find a ultra moisturizing deep conditioner for my fine texlaxed hair that doesn’t contain protein or at least extremely little protein. I think I’m suffering from protein over load, what products would your recommend?

Hi there, HairVeda Sitrinillah is a great moisturizing, protein free, deep conditioner. My review is posted here. Another moisture-only deep conditioner I’ve been using and loving lately is Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment. My review for that one is posted here.

For more on recovering from protein overload, check out this post: Protein Overload: What It Is & How To Correct It.

Maliah asks:

Are you Haitian or biracial?

Yup I am Haitian. I am not biracial.

Afton asks:

Hi Jen!! Long time reader, first time brain picker lol! I wanted to know if you alternate when you do a tea rinse and spray ACV on your scalp or do you use both in the same wash day?

Hi Afton, thank you for your readership! I do not alternate. I tea rinse (usually step #3) and ACV scalp spray (after rinsing out deep conditioner) in the same wash day.

A reader asks:

Who designed your blog and graphics? How much did the design and graphics cost? Can you provide a link or contact please? 

Free 🙂 I do my blog designs and graphics.

Natasha asks:

I love your blog. I have chin length coarse telxed hair and ive just started my HHJ. It doesnt look nice air dried. It looks like a mushroom. Can you please tell me how to effectively wrap set my hair. What type of products and in what order. TIA

Thanks Natasha! You can either “doobie wrap” (around your head) or cross-wrap, but because of your current length it would be easier to “doobie wrap” it. There isn’t a set list of products you need in order to wrap your hair but you can moisturize, seal, and then proceed to wrap it. As far as what tools you’ll need: clips/pins to hold your hair, a wide-tooth comb, and mesh wraps to hold your wrap in place. Here’s a video that includes a short tutorial of how I used to doobie wrap my hair (I cross-wrap instead now). The tutorial starts at the 2:03 mark.

Samantha asks:

Hey Jen, I was just wondering what your hair type is (ie. 3a, 4b)

Hi Samantha, not 100% sure but I guess 4a and 4b? *shrug* Here’s a link to photos of my new growth at one year post relaxer: Transitioning Talk: One Year Post Relaxer

Sealiah asks:

Hi Jen, what can i do to help overprocessed hair? ( breakage )

Hi there, (1) protein treatment to strengthen your hair, (2) moisture (by deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing during the week) to combat dryness and help your hair regain elasticity, (3) avoid over-manipluating your hair, (4) gradually trim the over-processed hair. You’ll have to do this eventually because over-processed hair is damaged and will be suspectible to more breakage (compared to your healthier hair as it grows in/is maintained) so just keep this in the back of your mind.

I recently had a couple readers e-mail me in response to a post I did on L’Oreal Total Repair 5 conditioners, sharing that L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm and Restoring Conditioners helped their over processed hair bounce back (i.e. reduced breakage, restored moisture). The L’Oreal Total Repair 5 line is focused on ceramides so if you’re willing, maybe incorporating the conditioners into your regimen might be helpful.

A reader asks:

Hi jeni,tnks for what u do.Am transitioning to texlax & switched relaxer from ORS no-lye to its lye formular both normal strength. I experience a lot of shedding esp the weeks after texlax. hw can i solve the problem. Also, hw can i even out my hair.

Tea rinses (especially black tea and green tea) and coffee rinses help me reduce shedding the most.

To even out your texlaxed texture you’d have to a do a corrective relaxer. I’m not a fan of them because you run the risk of over-processing your hair… but if you’d still like to try it, I suggest waiting at last a month before relaxing your hair again, apply relaxer to shed hair first to gauge what application time/smoothing time you’ll need in order to achieve your desired results, and protect, protect, protect your previously relaxed hair by coating it with conditioner (preferably a moisturizing conditioner that’s on the thicker side).

Shanice asks:

Hello there, I love your blog btw! Since you’ve been transitioning have you experienced a lot of shedding? And if so what do you do to combat it. In between my relaxer stretches I have so much shedding and I don’t know how to stop it. Please help.

Hi Shanice, thank you! I haven’t had an issue with shedding. I do tea or coffee rinses weekly and they’ve been great at helping me reduce shedding.


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