DIY Marshmallow Root Detangler Version 2.0, Slippery Elm Joins the Party

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DIY Marshmallow Root Detangler Version 2.0, Slippery Elm Joins the Party

Last November I posted about my marshmallow root detangler that I’ve been using and loving. Welp, last week I added slippery elm and the “upgraded” version made me break out in song and dance.

• Marshmallow root
• Slippery elm
• Water
• Oil of your choice (opt for lighter oils)
• Essential oil (optional)
• Spray bottle

1 — I boiled the marshmallow root for 30 minutes to release the mucilage (which is what provides “slip”) contained in the root.
2 — With a plain ol’ plastic strainer, I separated the root from the liquid/mucilage, pressing down on the roots with the back of a spoon to extract as much as possible.
3 & 4 — Added and mixed in slippery elm to the still hot marshmallow root brew. Slippery elm packs LOTS of slip. To release the mucilage, simply add hot water and allow the mixture to sit. I was lucky enough to find powdered slippery elm on Amazon for $6. My big bag of cut and sifted marshmallow root is nearly done so I will be replacing it with powdered marshmallow root from this vendor for $8.50.
7 — I added 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to mask the scent of the marshmallow root and slippery elm. It’s not unpleasant (very herbal), I just prefer not to have it in my hair.
8 — After stirring in the eucalyptus oil, I transferred the detangler to a spray bottle and then I added coconut oil… to the bottle only, not the rest of the detangler because I was planning on freezing the rest until my next wash.

Note: “cut and sifted” means that the herb has been chopped up and the very small particles are sifted out.

I used this new and improved last wash and I was in soft, detangled hair heaven. To apply, I shook my spray bottle to mix the oil (because it will otherwise sit on top of the liquid) and sprayed the detangler directly onto my hair. Using just my fingers, I worked the mix through my strands. After saturating my hair and working it into my strands, I was able to finger comb through my hair from root to tip with ease… something that does not happen with with 10 months worth of new growth! Below is my hair saturated with the detangler.

Three cheers for this homemade detangler! I no longer dread my pre-wash day detangling/co-washing/pre-poos, yay! Visions of adding powdered slippery elm and marshmallow root to conditioners to up their slip levels keep dancing before my eyes. I’m excited so see how it goes and will keep you posted (of course!). As for whether this can be used as a leave-in, I’ve never tried it but check out Fiona of LoveYourTresses’ post on her marshmallow root and slippery elm leave-in spray!

Check out my first version of this detangler here: DIY: Marshmallow Root Detangling Spray, It’s A Winner

Have you tried marshmallow root (+ slippery elm) as a detangler?

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