It’s The Little Things, Like Tea Infusers and Oil Sprayers

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It’s The Little Things, Like Tea Infusers and Oil Sprayers

… that perk up a DIYers day. Or maybe just this DIYer.

Tea rinses happen frequently around these parts and many of my teas are loose leaf. Since the dawn of time my approach to brewing my loose leaf teas has been very simple: boil water, add loose leaf tea, steep, and then use a strainer to catch the herbs. Water, steep, strain. See? Simple.

While at the grocery story a couple weeks ago I picked up a stainless steel mesh tea ball for $2 to simplify my tea-brewing routine. After stuffing the little ball with herb-y goodness, I plunked it into hot water and let it steep overnight. Stuff and steep. Even simpler. If you can’t find tea infusers in your local grocery store, there are quick a few on Amazon.

What’s in the tea ball? Hibiscus, lavender, green tea, and nettle leaf tea.

Many moons ago (and by many moons I mean last month lol) Nadege of Relaxed Hair Health posted (here) about the awesomeness of the Misto Oil Sprayer. Fiona of Love Your Tresses recently shared her excitement (here) about this Misto oil spayer as well. Both ladies successfully piqued my interest so I decided to take the plunge give Misto a try.

I couldn’t find it at my local grocery store so I grabbed it on Amazon for $9.99. How does it work? Fill the bottle half way with oil, pump the cap 10 times or more to pressurize the contents, and spray. Take care to only fill the bottle only halfway or else you’ll end up with an oily pump like yours truly.

The Misto Oil Sprayer delivers a fine mist that allows me to use less oil while using less oil. Any time I’m able to use less oil, it’s a good time. In addition to using it when sealing in my moisturizer, I used it last wash day to apply sunflower oil to my hair for my hot oil treatment and it made application a breeze: section my hair hair, spray, massage the oil in my hair, and throw in a happy shimmy… you know, just because.

Is it a necessity? No, but I do not regret purchasing it. It’s a handy little gem that frankly makes applying oil to my hair fun while delivering the oil in a fine mist for a more even coverage and less mess.

Don’t you just love when items that should live in the kitchen find their way into your hair items? I do!

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