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Dear Hair, Just Grow Already Journal [Paperback] | Available Now + Giveaway!

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After many delays, the paperback version of the journal is finally available! I’ve been impatient, frustrated, giddy, excited and back again through this whole process but now I’ve settled into being just plain nervous. I hope you will love the journal and find it helpful and fun for tracking for your healthy hair journal. The journal is $12.95 and here are shots of a few sections.

Like the last, this journal was so fun to create (especially the digital version). The first section of the journal is a quick “cheat sheet” on a hair care basics. And pardon my creepy fingers lol.

I left the calendar section of the journal blank this time so that it can be used in any year you wish or if you’d just like to leave it blank. Each month opens up with a place to jot down your monthly goals. Other monthly sections include: Styling & Maintenance Notes, Wash Day charts, Hair Babble, Products Purchased Budget Sheet, Product Hits & Misses, and Monthly Goal Review.

Keep track of your staple products.

Tucked between the pages are also motivational quotes.

Full section list: Hair Care Basics • Time Capsule • Action Plan • Your Regimen • Staple Products • Monthly Goals • Style & Maintenance Notes • Wash Day Charts • Hair Babble • Product Purchases/Budget Chart • Goal Reviews • Monthly Product Hits & Misses • Touch Ups Dates • Relaxer Stretching Notes • Transitioning Notes • Trim Dates • Product Notes • Year In Review

Okay, giveaway time! Enter to be one of three winners of the Dear Hair, Just Grow Already Journal! This giveaway is open to international readers as well.

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