Now Available: Dear Hair, Just Grow Already Journal!

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Now Available: Dear Hair, Just Grow Already Journal!

*singing* It’s here. It’s here. After much delay from feeling sick and finals, the JGA Journal is finally complete. This version is a downloadable, editable PDF journal. A number of you wrote in about having the option to insert pictures but after playing around with it, I left that out. Adding pictures into the PDF made the file size ballon – I tested by adding 2-3 pictures per wash day and 3-4 pictures for length checks – and significantly dragged down the PDF.

An “insert photo” feature would work best with an app. I haven’t learned how to create one (YET! because it’s a huge goal of mine… I’m just a nerd haha) but when I do, adding your pictures would definitely be incorporated.

Sections: Hair Care Basics • Time Capsule • Action Plan • Your Regimen •Staple Products • Monthly Goals • Style & Maintenance Notes • Wash Day Charts • Hair Babble • Product Purchases/Budget Chart • Goal Reviews • Monthly Product Hits & Misses • Touch Ups Dates • Relaxer Stretching Notes • Transitioning Notes • Trim Dates • Product Notes • Year In Review

Tucked between each section are a few motivational quotes I hope you’ll love.

purchase your Just Grow Already Journal here:

via PayPal    or    via credit card
Update: There was a glitch preventing users from saving the journal, but I’ve fixed it. If you purchased your journal before 12/20 9:29 PM (EST) I have emailed you a corrected, savable Journal. If you purchased after 12/20 9:29 PM (EST), no worries. You have the savable version of the Journal. If you any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail: jen@justgrowalready(dot)com

Update #2: The journal is now available via credit card in case PayPal isn’t accepted in your home country.

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