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September Goals Review + October Goals

*Siiighhh* This September… I mean do we really have to review it? We do? Fine. Am I nuts because I just had a conversation with you in my mind while I wrote this post? Probably.

Goal #1
Birthday hair. The plan WAS to have some big bouncy curls. What ACTUALLY happened was straight, couple days old hair. The day before my bday I planned to dampened my hair a bit and set it on flexi rods but the migraine that knocked me on my butt had other plans. My mother and best friend flew in to celebrate with me so it was still an awesome bday.

Goal #2
No more than one hair buy was permitted. Failed. Let’s be honest. Did anyone really think I would stick to this lol. I purchased Kanechom Ceramidas, Hairitage Hydration Pink Grapefruit Punch, and Hairitage Hydration The Deep C. What can I say, I’m a sucker for conditioner! #judgmentfreezone!

Goal #3
Update my migraine journal every day. Success! I updated my journal every day and I’m no closer to understanding what in the world specifically causes my migraines, tension headaches, or “icepick headaches” than I was before the month began. I’ve had neurologists left and right poke and prod me, stick me in MRI machines (and then proceed to screech at me because I always move… those machines freak me out!). I’ve changed my diet, increased water intake, tried getting more sleep, learned ways to calm myself down, taken this medication, that medication, blah, blah, BLAH. Buuut the triggers I know for a fact though: tomato sauce, strong fragrances (how I forgot to add this one, I don’t know!) and stress. I’ve avoided strong tomato sauce for months but the stress… where I am in life right now, stress is just unavoidable at the moment.

I’ve gotten to the point where sometimes I ask God ‘why me? Why do I have to suffer with these head pains?’ and I’m just over fussing about it. A migraine comes, okay whatever. It’s just another day for me. I’ve learned to function with them to a certain point, so for now I’m giving up my desperate need to know what makes my headaches tick. Fussing over them just adds to my stress so no more fussing. And I’m okay with that. I will focus on the good parts of my days, no matter how small, rather than dwell on the fact that I have a migraine or worry about getting one. Because really, the fact that I can feel sensations, period, is a still a blessing at the end of the day.

Okay! On to happier topics! My goals for October:

#1: No candy, no chips. I started this months ago but I slipped up last month once with chips and twice with candy so October with be my absolute NO candy, no chip month. I’m surprised I’ve been able to do this at all because I LOVE sour cream and cheddar chips! Great, now I want some…

#2: Do one stress relieving activity a week… just because it’ll make me happy.

#3: Work out 4 days a week.

#4: Use up one product.

#5: Use my steamer during every deep conditioning session.

#6: Stretch to 18 weeks post.

Did you meet your goals for September? What are your October goals? If you have a post on your goals, link it below!

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