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October Goals Review + November Goals

Can you believe we’re already down to the last two months of the year! Another 30 days has come and gone so let’s review our goals.

Goal #1 No candy, no chips. Goal met! For the entire month, my taste buds were successfully denied any candy or chips. I can’t count how many time I craved my favorite chips. But I didn’t cave (which is a miracle). I relied on lots of yummy fruits to keep my candy/chip cravings at bay.

Goal #2 Do one stress relieving activity a week… just because it’ll make me happy. 
Yea… I didn’t meet this one. You’d think this one would be the easiest right? Wrong. I’m still just as stressed as ever. But that’s alright for now. Hard work pays off in the end.

Goal #3 Work out 4 days a week.
Done and done.

Goal #4 Use up one product. 
I used up a bottle of Hairitage Hydration Pink Grapefruit Punch Conditioner and a bottle of Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle. Making room for Black Friday lol.

Goal #5 Use my steamer during every deep conditioning session.
I didn’t quite meet this goal, but in my defense out of 8 deep conditioning sessions, I only skipped using my steamer once because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m going to try to be extra diligent in using my steamer during these colder months. I’ll need all the moisture-boosting help I can get.

Goal #6 Extend my relaxer stretch to 18 weeks post.
Oh yeah, I made it, longest stretch to-date. Feel free to read that last sentence in sing-song haha. What’s funny is that prior to this stretch any time I neared 16 weeks I maxed out on patience. Tangles in my new growth would especially drive me up a wall. This time around, it’s been much better and I think co-washing with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle is responsible for the long-lasting sanity.

At 18 weeks post

My goals for November:
#1 Extend my stretch to 22 weeks.

#2 Use up one product.

#3 Successfully make homemade detangler. I have a recipe I can’t wait to try. Post on that coming up next month.

#4 Scalp massage once or twice a week. My itchy, flaky scalp issues are trying to make a comeback.

How did you fare in your goals?
Do you have a recap of your October goals or have goals for November in mind? Link your post below!

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