Feedback Please! Bring Back “Picking Your Brain” Submissions?

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Feedback Please! Bring Back “Picking Your Brain” Submissions?

Hi all! I try my best to respond to all emails but I’m drowning. This is NOT a complaint about receiving e-mails because I love hearing from you but it’s unfair to you when your questions go unanswered. Over the past 6 months I’ve tried doing posts addressing many of the questions I repeatedly get so that I tackle multiple emails at once and have a post up for others to read in the future… but I just don’t think this is enough.

In the past I had a form for all “Picking Your Brain” submissions. Remember that way back when? I was looking through them last week and I got the feeling they were more helpful than my topic-specific email responses. My question for your is should I bring back the PYB form? Or stick to direct email responses + posts on topics when I receive multiple emails?

If you vote yes for PYB’s returns I’d still respond to your emails and of course continue posting, but maybe the PYB will be more helpful in getting responses to you? Let me know!

Bring Back PYB?

My new readers who are wondering what PYB is, here are past PYB posts:
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P.S. The number one question I receive is “where do I start?” so I’ll be doing a post on that this week and will answer all of the emails I’ve received regarding that topic in that post.

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