Trimming With Creation Magic Hair Cutting Clip

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Trimming With Creation Magic Hair Cutting Clip

I finally got around to using the Creation Magic Hair Cutting Clip last week. If you’re familiar with the CreaClip, these cutting clips have the same design… they’re basically CreaClip minus the $29.99 price tag and name brand stamp.


Ideally, I would have used the larger white clip to cut my hair into a nice, soft U-shape – which is my preferred cut – but it was too difficult to maneuver the white clip down to the length of my hair. The little teeth on the insides of the clip also kept combing/snagging on my hair as I tried moving the clip down. After 5 minutes of struggling with the white clip, I abandoned it and grabbed the shorter blue clip.


To use the shorter clip, I gently combed my hair back into a ponytail and used a second hair band to secure my hair and prevent it from shifting around. Instead of sliding the blue clip down the full length of my hair I started under the second band and moved it down until I got near the end.

When I got down to the last 2 inches, I flipped my ponytail forward and used the built-in leveler to slide the clip straight down until I received the spot where I wanted to cut. I repeated the process 3 times to make sure I achieved the straightest cut possible.

Note: I cut below the clip, not above!

Using the shorter blue clip gave my ends a blunt cut. I would have preferred using the larger u-shaped clip but for now, I can’t figure out a way to comfortably use it on my own.

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