Reader Mail: Do I Have To Cut Thin Ends?

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Reader Mail: Do I Have To Cut Thin Ends?

A reader asks: My hair has been texturized for a year now, and I seem to be having a problem with thin ends, thin ends that you can see through. Is there anyway I can thicken it up or would I just have to chop it off? What do you suggest?

Oh yes, you definitely want to get rid of thin, see-through ends. Thin ends detract from the overall look of our hair, and as there is strength in numbers, when our ends are even they are able to withstand the force of manipulating much better than thin ends. Here’s an illustration from an old post:


You could either opt to cut them all in one go or you could opt to cut them slowly over time (e.g. cutting an inch every 3 months) so long as you take steps to prevent the thinning from moving up the hair shaft.

I’ve walked both paths and I can’t say that one is better than the other, there are simply upsides and downsides. The benefit of cutting your thins all at once is that once it’s done. it’s done. There’s no going back and it may even feel like a weight has been lifted (at least for me it did) and you can enjoy your new ends and start making plans on how to maintain them. One downside to doing one big cut is the sense of shock and disappointment you may feel if you’re cutting off a good amount. At the end of 2010 I was dealing with thinning ends and decided to get them all cut off in one go. It felt great to let them go but I did end up missing mourning the bit of length they gave me.

This post cut picture is the best my ends have ever looked! Kind of makes me want to pick up my shears right now…

The second route, to cut over time, is the “playing it safe” route (and the one I’m currently on). By slowly cutting off your thin ends you give yourself time to maintain the length you currently have (i.e. grow an inch, cut an inch) and when you’ve finally cut away the last of the thin ends, it’s not such a shock. Conversely, by waiting to cut off the thin ends, you may find (like me) that seeing them wash after wash day is frustrating lol. I think it’s key when waiting to cut over time to make sure you’ve pinpointed what is causing your ends to thin so that history does not repeat itself. The last thing you want is to slowly cut away thin ends only to have them continue to thin and even move up the hair shaft.

Suggestions: Pinpoint what is causing the thinning and try to tweak your regimen/daily styles to prevent further thinning. Here are a few things you could try: 

  • (1) I’ve found Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum helpful. It helps strengthen my ends against breakage. I especially love to apply a tiny bit to my ends when I’m wearing my hair down.
  • (2) Keeping ends moisturized.
  • (3) Decreasing direct heat.
  • (4) Keeping ends away from your clothes. Hair can easily rub against our clothes, snagging and breaking.
  • (5) CHI Keratin Mist (ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea will work too) has been helping give my hair boosts of protein and strength between wash days.

I hope this helps!

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