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Nape Challenge Check-In

I’m two months into my 6 month nape challenge and thankfully things are still going well. The breakage I was experiencing before starting this challenge is under control and let’s hope it stays that way! I’m still implementing the tweaks I wrote about in last months check-in:

One thing I have done differently over the last 30 days is I started keeping the lowest (and most fragile) part of my nape in 6 twists. Because I wear buns very often, keeping this part of my nape in twists has helped reduce the tension on that area when I secure my hair with a Goody Ouchless hair tie and bun… a protective style for a protective style I guess. Even with the twists in I moisturize and seal like I normally would but I take the time to work the moisturizer into the twists. Keeping this section of my nape in twists has also been helpful in keeping my wandering fingers out of my nape.

That’s it for this check-in. I’ve haven’t made any big or drastic changes but so often on hair journeys, it’s the small changes that add up for big results.

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 How’s your nape challenge going?

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