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August has come and gone, which is fine by me because September is the best month… and I speaking from a completely biased perspective because I was born in September haha and Fall is my favorite season 🙂 I met my first two goals, moisturize and sealing daily and taking my vitamins daily. Whoop whoop.

I ALMOST met my third goal to deep condition with steam twice a week. I used my steamer once on a wash day and 3 times during a mid-week deep conditioning session. As for my fourth goal to do a flexirod set, ummmm… let’s pretend that goal didn’t exist. O_o

I met my goal to drink 2 liters of water a day. Drinking 2 liters has become such a normal part of my day that I thankfully no longer have to make an effort to try and do it. Once the first bottle is gone my body just knows it needs more. Of all the monthly goals I’ve set during this year, I’m most proud that of this one because in the past you could not pay me to drink water. I used to be a juice every day kind of girl and now I grab my water bottle before I even think about juice. As for my last goal, to exercise/practice yoga 5 times a week I only slacked off during the first week of the month.

September Goals
• Birthday hair
• No more than one hair buy is permitted
• Update my migraine journal every day – I really need to stay on top of this one because I need to figure out all of my triggers.

Did you meet your goals for August? What are your September goals? If you have a post on your goals, link it below!

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