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If you’re a long time JGA reader, you’ll know that me co-washing isn’t a normal occurrence. It’s up there with Hally’s Comet… okay, maybe it’s not quite THAT far up there, but it’s out of the norm for me. For the past couple of years I haven’t been a fan of co-washing and can count on one hand how many times I’ve done it.

During a relaxer stretch it’s super-important that I keep my new growth moisturized to prevent tangles and breakage at the line of demarcation but it has been getting increasingly difficult to part my hair comfortably. At my crown, my new growth does this thing where it just clumps together in a mass of half coils, half waves. I’ve gotten down into the trenches (my new growth) once this week but it just wasn’t feeling as moisturized as I would like… borderline dry in some parts. The quickest way to get some much needed moisture to it is with conditioner. I almost didn’t co-wash/deep condition, but my hair called out to me—“give me water and conditioner please!”—so I hopped in the shower and did it.

My hair felt nice after co-washing with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle. It didn’t feel coated like it has in the past with other conditioners I’ve tried to co-wash with *fist pump* After co-washing, I rinsed with a mix of coffee and peppermint tea. Aroma-wise, my olfactory receptors were all types of confused because the scents of peppermint and coffee didn’t really mesh; they just competed with each other. After letting the coffee/peppermint mix sit in my hair for a few minutes, I rinsed it out, wrapped my hair in a towel, and then applied L’Oreal Power Moisture Rush Mask. I deep conditioning for 15 minutes under my conditioning cap. Can’t say I’m a fan of L’Oreal PMRM. Right after rinsing it out, my hair didn’t feel all that moisturized and even a bit stripped stripped. I didn’t feel like deep conditioning with something else so I applied PM Super Skinny Daily Treatment (hadn’t planned on using it), it the hopes that it would help the situation. My hair felt nice before I applied the L’Oreal conditioner, I should’ve just stopped there.

Left: After co-washing and tea/coffee rinsing (before deep conditioning) /// Right: After leave-ins

Setting aside the L’Oreal flop, after applying my usual gang of leave ins and air drying my hair, my hair turned out okay: new growth was moisturized and happy.

Moral of the story? Sometimes revisiting an old technique or even an old product may turn out to be just what you needed. Our regimens are never truly set in stone… well at least I don’t think they should be. As your hair changes and grows, your regimen should change (if needed) too to accommodate for what it needs and what works best.

What products or techniques have you abandoned in the past but recently revisited or want to revisit?

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