15 Weeks Post Relaxer

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Welp! I THINK I’ve stretched this long only once before… so I’m pretty much in uncharted territory. I dropped the ball twice this week. I didn’t deep condition halfway through the week and I used S-Curl on my new growth that ended up making my hair feel dry. Thursday night I switched back to my usual moisturizer for my new growth: Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray (product review here) and my new growth thanked me for it.

Here’s what my new growth looks like at 15 weeks post. This is the first I’ve stretched my new growth during this stretch so I didn’t realize I had all that growth because of shrinkage. My fingers are placed at the line of demarcation (where my new growth meets my relaxed hair):




Are you currently stretching? How many weeks post are you? What’s helping you get through your stretch?

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