Reader Q: How Do You Do Your Tea Rinses?

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Reader Q: How Do You Do Your Tea Rinses?
For both tea and coffee rinses, I boil water and pour it over whatever tea bags I’m using or coffee (I use instant coffee) I have in a mason jar. To make my life easier, I use my Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go. The process is pictured here.
After letting the tea steep/coffee cool, I transfer the liquid to the bowl I’m holding below. After I shampoo, I take the pitcher… and before anyone starts thinking my bowl and pitcher are dirty lol, they’re not. They’re stained from using them for tea rinses and now coffee rinses, week after week for months. So after I shampoo, I tuck my hair into the pitcher and slowly pour either the tea or coffee over my hair and scalp. The pitcher catches the run off liquid. Once the bowl is empty, I squeeze out the excess liquid from my hair into the pitcher, pour it into the bowl and repeat the whole pour/catch process 2 more times. I rinse my hair with water once the tea/coffee stops dripping from my hair.

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