Moisturizing, Pineappling, & Preserving Curls

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Q: How did you wear your hair for bed to preserve the curls?
The method to the right is how I preserved my curls for day 2 in the second picture. To preserve my flexi rod curls, I tied my hair up before bed by bending over and tying a silk scarf around the sides of my head, leaving the curls out at the top. This is not shown in the picture, but I after tying my hair up with the scarf, I covered everything with a bonnet. My curls have dropped a bit in the picture to the right after moisturizing and sealing at the end of day 2.

End of day 2 hair, after moisturizing & sealing
Q: What did you use to moisturize and still keep your curls?

I used Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme and sealed with grapeseed oil. My curls dropped a bit from the manipulation and smoothing the product down my hair but didn’t fall flat. I was hesitant to moisturize and seal but I just couldn’t go two days without moisturizing my hair. My curls looked nice but they weren’t worth the dry feeling that was slowly creeping into my strands.

Second day hair
Q: What do you do with your curls when working out?

I pinned the curls up and away from my neck in a high ponytail to avoid getting them damp with sweat but my roots puffed up from sweat (of course).

Q: Are the curls causing tangles?

No tangling (yet?) and to prevent any tangles during my next wash day, I plan to pre-poo with coconut oil to help loosen any tangles when I finger comb before shampooing.

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