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Hair Story Feature: Meet Courtnea2001

Hi all, meet Courtnea2001, our first hair story feature!

Your hair is?… Relaxed (this includes texlaxed)

When and why did you start your hair journey?
I originally started my hair journey in 2007. However in 2011 I suffered a major setback after removing a set of braids and not detangling properly prior to washing. My hair became matted and I experienced an extreme amout of breakage. In August 2012 I cut my hair and officially restarted my hair journey.

What is your current regimen?
I wash my hair twice a week and deep condition every wash. I alternate each wash day between a moisturizing DC and a light protein DC. I use a sulfate free cleansing conditioner (Hair One) and only clarify once a month. I moisturize and seal my hair 1-2 times a day and wear protective styles mostly during the week. I get my hair professionally relaxed every 8-10 weeks with the Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp relaxer and trim every 4 months.

Do you have any hair goals? Have you achieved them? How did you achieve them? How are you working to achieve them?
My current hair goal is to reach APL (arm pit length) by August 2013. My ultimate goal is reach anywhere between BSL (bra strap length) and MBL (mid back length). I hope to reach BSL by August 2014. I am
working to achieve my hair goals by remaining consistent with my regimen and sticking with products that I know work for my hair. I’ve also found an amazing hair stylist who’s all about healthy hair and is helping me to maintain the health of my hair.

What do you wish you knew at the start of your journey? 
I wish I knew that I didn’t have to jump on every bandwagon out there and that just because a technique or product is great for one person’s hair doesn’t mean that it will work for mine! I also wish I knew that keeping my regimen consistent and simple are key ingredients to being successful and reaching my hair goals. More importantly I wish I understood when I first started that my hair will not grow down my back overnight…even though some days I still wish it would!

What are your favorite protective styles?
My favorite protective style is just a plain ol’ bun that I like to jazz up from time to time with cute hair accessories such as flowers. In the winter time I also enjoy wearing cute winter hats with a pin curled bang.

What do you love most about your hair?
I love my hair’s thickness and softness. Before I started my hair journey I never thought I could achieve soft hair at home!

How do you deal with people who doubt you? What motivates you to keep going?
I allow people’s doubt to fuel my motivation to reach my goals. I don’t expect everybody to believe that I can achieve long healthy hair and I’m okay with that. My mom, dad, boyfriend, and the hair community

(bloggers & youtubers) keep me motivated. Whenever I need a little inspiration I can always find it there. Also my length progress pictures keep me motivated when I feel like I’m not making any progress.

What is the funniest or strangest hair related experience you’ve ever had?
My funniest experience was when I first started my hair journey and would spend hours doing 20 different things to my hair. My mom would just shake her head and say ‘I don’t understand how or why you do all of that!’ Fast forward a few years later and I have her on a hair regimen of her own!


Courtnea2001, thank you for sharing your hair story with us! Don’t you just love how thick and shiny Courtnea2001’s hair is?! I love her idea of wearing pin curled bangs with winter hats. It’s definitely something I’m looking forward to trying once Fall and Winter hit. Check out her blog ‘Finally Growing’ at

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